Embark on a thrilling adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and discover the innovative world of Zonai Devices. These remarkable items allow you to create vehicles, unleash elemental powers, and overcome obstacles in unique ways. In this comprehensive guide, we present a list of every Zonai Device in the game, along with tips on how to find them and best utilize their capabilities. Brace yourself for an epic journey as we delve into the wonders and functions of these extraordinary tools!

Zonai Device



Propels vehicles and allows for mid-air gliding


Enables gliding with enough lift off the ground


Wheeled device for carrying items or passengers


Takes off into the air when a fire source is placed beneath


Launches you or a vehicle into the air

Time Bomb

Explodes after a few seconds, triggering nearby devices

Portable Pot

Used for cooking one meal in emergencies

Flame Emitter

Functions as a flamethrower

Frost Emitter

Emits frost or ice projectiles

Shock Emitter

Electrocutes enemies on contact

Beam Emitter

Shoots a beam for ranged attacks


Provides a continuous water source

Steering Stick

Offers control over vehicle direction

Big Wheel

Large, flexible wheel suitable for off-roading

Small Wheel

Standard wheel for vehicles


Vehicle for grassy, sandy, or snowy terrains


Powers Zonai creations, can be used in multiples

Big Battery

Provides enhanced power output for Zonai creations


Launches the player into the air


Shoots explosives at regular intervals


Keeps attached objects upright

Hover Stone

Hovers in the air when activated with sufficient energy


Illuminates dark areas


Allows attachment of objects to surfaces


Reflects beams of light

Homing Cart

Charges at nearby enemies when a weapon is attached

Construct Head

Aims weapons attached to a vehicle

Fan: One of the most reliable items in the game, the Fan allows you to propel vehicles or catch some air while Paragliding. It is a versatile tool for navigating the expansive world of Tears of the Kingdom.

Wing: Take to the skies with the Wing device, which allows you to glide through the air. Ensure you gather enough lift off the ground to enjoy a breathtaking aerial experience. Pair it with a rocket or a cart equipped with fans for added mobility.

Cart: With wheels and a sturdy structure, the Cart is an essential tool for transporting objects. Use it strategically to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles throughout your journey.

Balloon: The Balloon device offers a unique way to ascend into the air. By attaching a fire source underneath it, the balloon takes off, carrying anything it holds. This is particularly useful for navigating challenging terrains.

Rocket: When you need a quick vertical boost, the Rocket device comes to the rescue. Attach it to yourself or a vehicle, and watch as you soar into the sky. For an extra thrill, attach it to your shield and experience a massive jump.

Time Bomb: Activate the Time Bomb to set off an explosive blast after a few seconds. It can also trigger other nearby Zonai Devices, creating chain reactions to aid you in combat or puzzle-solving.

Portable Pot: The Portable Pot is a handy device for emergency cooking. It allows you to prepare a single meal on the go, ensuring you stay nourished during your quests.

Flame Emitter: With the Flame Emitter, you gain access to a powerful flamethrower. Harness the element of fire to vanquish enemies or solve environmental challenges that require controlled flames.

Frost Emitter: The Frost Emitter grants you the ability to unleash icy blasts. Use it to freeze enemies or manipulate elements in the game world to your advantage.

Shock Emitter: When you need to electrocute enemies, the Shock Emitter is your weapon of choice. Deliver a powerful bolt of electricity and watch as your foes crumble before you.

Beam Emitter: The Beam Emitter allows you to shoot long-range beams, providing an effective tool for hitting opponents from a distance. Use it to eliminate enemies or activate mechanisms from afar.

Hydrant: In arid environments, the Hydrant becomes a valuable device. It provides a continuous water source, ensuring you never run out of this precious element during your adventures.

Steering Stick: Attach the Steering Stick to a vehicle to gain precise control over its direction. This device is ideal for navigating treacherous terrains and maneuvering through tight spaces.

Big Wheel: The Big Wheel is a large, flexible wheel that excels in off-roading. Attach items to it, and they will spin around, adding a dynamic element to your vehicle or combat strategies.

Small Wheel: As a more compact version of the Big Wheel, the Small Wheel is a reliable choice for enhancing the performance of your vehicles. It offers decent mobility and stability.

Battery: The Battery device serves as a power source for Zonai creations. By attaching it to your devices, you can give them additional power and extend their functionality. Multiple batteries can be used simultaneously for increased power output.

Big Battery: The Big Battery is the ideal choice for even greater power. With its enhanced capabilities, it provides a significant boost to the performance of your Zonai creations, ensuring they operate at maximum potential.

Spring: Activate the Spring device to launch yourself into the air. Perfect for reaching high platforms or gaining an advantage in combat, the Spring device offers a thrilling vertical boost. Remember to activate it again to reset the spring for future use.

Cannon: The Cannon device is a formidable weapon that shoots explosives at regular intervals. Utilize its firepower to take down enemies or clear obstacles obstructing your path.

Stabilizer: Anything attached to the Stabilizer device will always remain upright. This tool is incredibly useful for maintaining balance and stability, ensuring that your structures or objects stay in position.

Hover Stone: Activate the Hover Stone to witness a magical display of levitation. This device hovers in the air as long as you have sufficient energy, allowing you to explore hard-to-reach areas or bypass hazardous terrain.

Light: When darkness looms, the Light device becomes your guiding beacon. It illuminates the surroundings, enabling you to navigate treacherous areas and uncover hidden secrets.

Stake: The Stake device features a sharp end that can be inserted into any surface. This allows you to attach objects to various structures, granting you flexibility and creative possibilities in solving puzzles or constructing unique contraptions.

Mirror: With the Mirror device, you can harness the power of reflection. It can redirect strong beams of light, opening up opportunities to solve intricate light-based puzzles and overcome light-sensitive obstacles.

Homing Cart: Attach a weapon to the Homing Cart, and it will charge at nearby enemies, providing an automated offensive capability. This device is particularly effective in combat situations, allowing you to focus on other strategic actions.

Construct Head: The Construct Head device assists in weapon aiming. When attached to a vehicle, it automatically directs the weapon mounted on its head, providing precise targeting without the need for manual adjustments.

To make the most informed decision when choosing a Zonai Device, consider the following factors:

  1. Functionality: Determine the specific purpose you need the device for. Whether it’s transportation, combat, or elemental manipulation, ensure the device aligns with your requirements.
  2. Compatibility: Some devices work best when combined with others. Consider how different devices can be used together to create powerful synergies.
  3. Accessibility: Explore the game world thoroughly to locate Zonai Device Dispensers, which offer a wide range of devices. Keep an eye on your map to identify their locations and the items they offer.
  4. Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations and strategies. The true power of the Zonai Devices lies in your ability to think outside the box and adapt to various challenges.

In conclusion, the Zonai Devices in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom add a whole new dimension to gameplay, offering a plethora of creative and strategic possibilities. From vehicles that soar through the sky to weapons that unleash elemental powers, these devices provide players with the tools they need to overcome challenges and unravel the secrets of the kingdom.


Each device serves a specific purpose, whether it’s for transportation, combat, utility, or puzzle-solving. By combining and utilizing these devices effectively, players can devise unique strategies and find innovative solutions to overcome obstacles in their path.

The game’s Zonai Dispensers offer an exciting element of discovery, encouraging players to explore the vast world of Tears of the Kingdom in search of new devices to enhance their abilities. With each device adding a layer of depth and versatility to gameplay, players can adapt and tailor their approach to suit their playstyle and objectives.

As you embark on your adventure, remember to experiment, think creatively, and embrace the power of the Zonai Devices. Unleash their potential, overcome challenges, and become the hero who will restore balance and triumph in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey filled with awe-inspiring tools, limitless possibilities, and unforgettable moments as you wield the incredible power of the Zonai Devices. The kingdom awaits your heroic presence!

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