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Hey there, fellow Inklings and Octolings! In this guide, we’re diving into the world of Splatoon 3 and helping you figure out which role suits you best. Your role defines your playstyle and the types of weapons you’ll enjoy the most. So, if you’re ready to make a splash on the battlefield, let’s get started!

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Main Focus

Weapon classes



Distract players and let your Slayers get in.

Dualies, Splatanas, Rollers, Sloshers.



Get Splats while the Skirmishers distract them.

Shotters, Rolers, Splatanas, Dualies.



Farm Specials (EX: Big Bubbler, Missles, Booyah Bomb. To help your Fronylines to get in.) Also ink while the frontlines apply pressure.

Shotters, Sloshers. Brellas.



Be in the Back and support your team by geting kills applying presure.

Chargers, Stringers, Splatlings.

Understanding Weapon Roles

In Splatoon 3, your role is like your primary job on the battlefield. There are three main roles, each with its unique playstyle and weapon preferences. Let’s break them down:


These are the bold and aggressive players who excel at taking out opponents. They’re divided into skirmishers and slayers. Skirmishers annoy enemies and force reactions, while slayers push ahead, get kills, and take aggressive positions. 


Support players maintain map control, enable their team, and disrupt opponents. They ensure your team has the advantage by focusing on paint, mobility, and defensive play.


Backliners are the defensive players who use long-range weapons to deny space and apply pressure. They control the battlefield from strategic positions and maintain a high vantage point.

Choosing Your Playstyle

Each role has its own strengths and challenges, but what matters most is finding the playstyle that suits you. Here’s a closer look at each role and the types of weapons you might enjoy:


If you love taking risks, engaging in close combat, and being the aggressor, frontlines are your jam. Try weapons like the Tri-slosher, Splattershot, Tetra Dualies, Splatana Wiper, Splatana Stamper. Focus on mobility, taking fights, and applying pressure to keep enemies on their toes.


Support players thrive on maintaining map control, enabling teammates, and disrupting opponents. Experiment with versatile shooters, like the Splattershot Junior, or specialized picks like the Explosher. Focus on paint efficiency, using subs and specials to support your team, and making strategic plays.


If you prefer a defensive approach and enjoy controlling the battlefield from a distance, backline weapons are your calling. Consider weapons like the Hydra Splatling, E-liter,Ballpoint Splatling. Use your range advantage to limit opponents’ options and provide support to your team.

See Ya later

Splatoon 3’s colorful world is yours to conquer, and your inkling odyssey is a dynamic adventure that’s never truly complete. As you master the nuances of each weapon, refine your tactics, and claim victory after victory, you’ll forge an inkling identity that’s uniquely yours. So dive in, make your mark, and remember, in the vibrant chaos of Splatoon 3, the journey is just as exhilarating as the destination. Stay fresh and may your ink flow true!

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