In the vibrant and colorful world of Splatoon 3, sub weapons play a crucial role in diversifying gameplay strategies and tactics. These secondary tools offer unique abilities that can be utilized to gain an edge over opponents and dominate the battlefield. From explosive bombs to tracking devices, each sub weapon adds a layer of depth to the fast-paced ink-splatting action. Let’s take a comprehensive look at all the sub weapons featured in Splatoon 3.

Sub Weapon Table

Sub Weapon




Splat Bomb

Basic explosive bomb that detonates after a short time.

Versatile for offense and defense

Limited range; timing is crucial

Suction Bomb

Attaches to surfaces and has a larger blast radius.

Effective for area denial

Requires careful placement

Burst Bomb

Explodes on impact; multiple can be thrown without ink refill.

Rapidly deals damage

Less damage compared to other bombs

Curling Bomb

Travels across the floor, leaving ink trail; bounces off obstacles.

Offers mobility and surprises

Limited vertical range


Tracks nearby enemies and explodes on contact.

Provides persistent threat

Can be avoided or lured away

Ink Mine

Hides in ink, dealing damage to nearby foes; reveals locations of tagged enemies.

Stealthy and disrupts mobility

Limited range and one-time use

Toxic Mist

Releases poisonous cloud that reduces mobility and ink supply of opponents.

Disrupts enemy strategies

Limited duration; requires planning

Point Sensor

Creates a tracking cloud, revealing enemy locations to your team

Enhances team coordination

Doesn't deal direct damage

Splash Wall

Forms a barrier that blocks enemy projectiles and movement.

Provides temporary cover

Can be destroyed; limited placement


Sprays ink in a circular area, covering ground and pressuring foes.

Efficient area control

Vulnerable to enemy fire

Squid Beakon

Allows rapid Super Jumping to its location, aiding mobility and surprise attacks.

Facilitates quick repositioning

Can be destroyed; requires careful use

Fizzy Bomb

Explosive bomb that can be shaken for increased potency and more explosions.

High damage potential

Requires charging; requires aim


Transforms into a homing missile upon nearing enemies; deals substantial damage.

Powerful long-range option

Can be shot down by enemies

Angle Shooter

Marks opponents directly or via ink trail, revealing their positions and movements.

Enhances reconnaissance

Trail doesn't deal a lot of damage

Sub weapons are not just secondary tools in Splatoon 3; they’re the key to expanding your strategic arsenal and gaining the upper hand on the battlefield. These versatile tools introduce a wealth of tactical opportunities that can greatly influence the outcome of matches. Here’s why you should make full use of sub weapons in your ink-splattering endeavors:

1. Diversified Strategies:

Sub weapons allow you to adapt your playstyle and strategy to different situations. Whether you’re focusing on aggressive assaults, defensive maneuvers, or providing support to your team, there’s a sub weapon that suits your approach.

2. Terrain Control:

Many sub weapons excel at covering ground and controlling territory. By effectively using sub weapons like Suction Bombs and Sprinklers, you can lay claim to crucial areas, deny enemy advancement, and secure key positions on the map.

3. Team Coordination:

Sub weapons like Point Sensors and Squid Beakons enhance team coordination by sharing valuable information and enabling swift repositioning. Communicating enemy positions or facilitating coordinated attacks can tip the balance of engagements in your favor.

4. Strategic Disruption:

Sub weapons such as Toxic Mist and Fizzy Bombs disrupt your opponents’ plans, throwing them off balance and creating opportunities for your team to seize control. These tools can manipulate the flow of battle and force adversaries to adapt to new challenges.

5. Surprise and Versatility:

Sub weapons introduce an element of surprise to your gameplay. The ability to utilize a wide array of tools means you can catch opponents off guard and keep them guessing about your next move, ultimately giving you an edge in unpredictable encounters.

6. Personalization:

Sub weapons offer a chance to tailor your loadout to your strengths and preferences. Experimenting with different sub weapons allows you to find the perfect combination that complements your playstyle and boosts your effectiveness.

7. Dynamic Gameplay:

Using sub weapons encourages dynamic and evolving gameplay. The strategic choices you make throughout a match, such as using Ink Mines for defensive traps or Curling Bombs for mobility, contribute to the ever-changing rhythm of Splatoon 3’s vibrant battles.

More Detailed Explanation of Sub Weapons

  1. Splat Bomb: Among the foundational sub weapons, the Splat Bomb is the epitome of explosive power. Tossed with precision or hurled at foes, it detonates after a brief countdown, transforming adversaries into vibrant ink splatters while covering the surroundings in a mesmerizing display of color.Nintendo Switch - Splatoon 3 - Splat Bomb - The Models Resource

  2. Suction Bomb: With a knack for sticking to any surface, the Suction Bomb showcases a knack for controlled chaos. Its larger blast radius and adhesive properties make it a tactical favorite, ensuring a satisfying explosion that can turn the tide of battle.Suction Bomb Avatar [SPLATOON] by SplashMob on DeviantArt

  3. Burst Bomb: Instant gratification is the hallmark of the Burst Bomb. On contact, it erupts into a burst of ink, offering an option for relentless aggression. The efficiency of throwing multiple Burst Bombs without depleting your ink supply makes it a versatile choice for pressuring adversarie

  4. Curling Bomb: The Curling Bomb is a testament to precision and strategy. Gliding across surfaces and leaving a trail of ink in its wake, it offers unparalleled mobility and an element of surprise. Players can fine-tune its trajectory to manipulate its range, allowing for both aggressive pushes and tactical Taito Splatoon 2: Curling Bomb Cleaner (Neon Green Version) : Sports & Outdoors

  5. Autobomb: In the realm of persistent pursuit, the Autobomb reigns supreme. Tracking down opponents and detonating on contact, it keeps adversaries on their toes while you maintain control of the battlefield, a potent tool for those who appreciate meticulous planning.

  6. Ink Mine: Masters of stealth and ambush tactics embrace the Ink Mine. Nestled within the ink, it awaits unwitting intruders. With the added twist of revealing tagged enemies to your team, this sub weapon evolves into a cunning instrument of coordination.

  7. Toxic Mist: Unleash chaos with the Toxic Mist, enveloping opponents in a corrosive fog that disrupts their mobility and ink supply. Its lingering effect transforms the battlefield into a treacherous terrain, influencing the ebb and flow of engagements.

  8. Point Sensor: The Point Sensor is a beacon of strategic insight. Detonating to mark opponents, it provides a valuable advantage by sharing enemy locations with your team, fostering effective communication and precision strikes.Nintendo Switch - Splatoon 2 - Point Sensor - The Models Resource

  9. Splash Wall: As the ink-soaked guardian of the battlefield, the Splash Wall offers temporary refuge and protection. Creating barriers that halt enemy projectiles and movement, it’s the go-to choice for defenders and those who seize opportunities amidst the chaos.Nintendo Switch - Splatoon 2 - Splash Wall - The Models Resource

  10. Sprinkler: The Sprinkler embodies persistence, carving out space with an ongoing torrent of ink. By choosing its location wisely, you can impose your influence on the environment, challenging foes and creating a dynamic landscape.

  11. Squid Beakon: Rapid mobility is paramount, and the Squid Beakon facilitates it with style. Enabling swift Super Jumps, it fosters fluid teamwork and strategic positioning, granting you the freedom to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.Nintendo Switch - Splatoon 2 - Squid Beakon - The Models Resource

  12. Fizzy Bomb: The Fizzy Bomb is a fizzy explosion of innovation. By harnessing the power of controlled detonation, you can amplify its explosive force, making it an unpredictable and formidable force in the hands of those who revel in calculated chaos

  13. Torpedo: Introducing the Torpedo—a guided harbinger of destruction. Transforming into a missile when it nears an opponent, it brings devastation with its might. Remember, though, that opponents can intercept its path, making timing and precision paramount.

  14. Angle Shooter: Precision and reconnaissance come together in the Angle Shooter. This trailblazing sub weapon marks foes directly or indirectly, revealing their positions and movement patterns, ultimately shaping the course of battle.



  1. Tactical Diversity: Sub weapons add layers of strategic depth to gameplay, allowing players to tailor their loadouts to their preferred playstyle. Whether you’re an aggressive front-liner or a supportive back-liner, sub weapons offer tools to suit your approach.

  2. Adaptive Strategies: Sub weapons empower players to adapt to different situations. Having a variety of sub weapons at your disposal enables you to switch tactics on the fly, making you a more versatile and unpredictable opponent.

  3. Area Control: Many sub weapons excel at claiming territory and influencing the battlefield’s layout. Weapons like the Suction Bomb and Sprinkler can cover ground efficiently, giving your team a foothold in key areas.

  4. Coordination and Communication: Sub weapons like the Point Sensor and Squid Beakon facilitate teamwork and communication. Marking opponents’ positions or enabling swift repositioning for your team can lead to well-coordinated attacks and strategic advantages.

  5. Disruption and Distraction: Sub weapons such as the Fizzy Bomb and Toxic Mist can disrupt enemy movements and strategies. By creating hazardous zones or impairing opponents’ mobility, you can tip engagements in your favor.

  1. Ink Management: Sub weapons consume ink, and some of them are particularly ink-intensive. Poor management of your ink supply can leave you vulnerable at crucial moments, forcing you to retreat or become less effective in combat.

  2. Skill and Timing Required: Effective use of sub weapons demands skill and precise timing. Missed throws or misused sub weapons can lead to wasted opportunities and potentially put you at a disadvantage.

  3. Learning Curve: With a wide variety of sub weapons available, learning how to use each one optimally can be a challenge. New players might find themselves overwhelmed by the nuances and strengths of each sub weapon.

  4. Limited Range and Impact: While sub weapons provide unique abilities, some have limited range or impact. For example, the Angle Shooter’s marking effect doesn’t deal damage, and the Torpedo can be shot down by opponents, limiting their effectiveness.

  5. Counterplay from Opponents: Skilled opponents will be aware of sub weapons’ capabilities and find ways to counter them. For example, enemies might shoot down your Torpedoes or avoid areas marked by the Angle Shooter’s ink trail.

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